They must have hidden the bug database somewhere. I could not find it with Google. Is the bug database public?

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Oracle also has public forums.

From Oracle suppport page.


Questions and Answers How Do I Monitor Bugs/Enhancement Requests (ERs) via My Oracle Support? Progress on your bug/ER can be monitored in My Oracle Support (formerly MetaLink) by following these steps:

1) In the upper right corner there is a "Search Knowledge Base" field
2) To the left of this field is a dropdown menu with alttext “Sources”. Click this dropdown and choose “Bug Number”.
3) Enter the Bug/ER Number in that field and click Find (i.e. the hourglass). 
4) On the Bug/ER that is returned, click on the Star icon to the left to add as a Favorite
5) In the Favorites drop down menu (in the upper right) under the Bugs drop down choice, this Bug/ER is now listed

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