Amazed with the overall feature of Oracle Apex 4.1 and its increasing popularity in replacing Oracle Forms. I am currently working on a idea to implement an internal oracle community page with technical Forums (say like oracle forums, ask tom etc) along with a blog page. Can this be done using Oracle Apex? Can any one suggest a any sample public application/web site having the same features to have a look and feel.

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Sure, pretty much any web site could be written with Oracle Apex; a blog or forum would be achievable. Personally, I'd rather use an off-the-shelf platform (e.g. wordpress for blogging), but if you need it integrated with your existing Apex site then it probably makes sense.

See an example here:

Ask Tom also uses apex:

There used to be sample applications on Oracle's web site, but it appears they've been removed: "The Application Express team is developing a number of new, more advanced applications. These new applications are planned to be available as part of the Oracle Database Cloud Service."

You might jump start your efforts by looking at Apex blogging applications created by others

For example:

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