Situational Analysis at OnStar with Oracle Spatial

OnStar is the largest telematics solution provider on the globe, with 6 million subscribers in North America and abroad. OnStar uses situational awareness and real-time analysis to deliver fast, accurate emergency services to its customers. At the core of this solution is an Oracle Spatial-based analytical server that supports Google Earth visualization and NAVTEQ data. With this system, OnStar gains better understanding of customer use and behavior and better insight during emergency situations. In hurricanes, wildfires and other disasters, OnStar has developed early warning capabilities for use in near real-time. It can then manage call center resources based on anticipated call volumes and ultimately develop more effective new processes and services.

Learn from OnStar how the company uses Oracle Spatial to deliver insight, performance and scalability.

Key learning points include:

- How OnStar’s Oracle Spatial analytical server supports its real-time call center Advisor application in an environment using Google Earth visualization and NAVTEQ data
- How spatial analysis allows OnStar to obtain better insight into disaster situations, develop early warning capabilities, and improve call center coverage
- How Oracle Database 11g (with Oracle Spatial, Real Application Clusters, Partitioning) provides scalability and performance required to process and query OnStar’s large amounts of transactional data

Speakers include:

- Jeff Joyner, Emergency Strategy and Outreach, GM OnStar and Injury Research Fellow, University of Michigan Program for Injury Research and Education
- James Steiner, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Server Technologies

Who should attend:

This webinar is appropriate for CIOs, business and technical managers and analysts involved in the design and management of enterprise systems where spatial analysis can add insight and value to business processes.

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