Hi All,
We are using HIPAA 834 transaction on Oracle B2B. Outbound 834 worked well and however 834 inbound is not processed. Validation is enabled for both the transactions.

I am getting below error - Can you please help us?

Machine Info: (xyz) Validation of parameters failed. Some or all of the following parameters do not match the configured parameters in B2B: key = [ActionCode] value = [4] param = [null]


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Please try validating the inbound document with the document editor / Spec Builder. It will provide the error details


Doc Editor did not throw any error at all for the test file.


Hi Jimmie,

This is a known issue in 11g. If you want a permanent fix then please raise a SR with support.

To workaround this issue, please follow below steps -

1. Navigate to Remote TP --> Documents and select the corresponding 834 doc def
2. Select "Override Version Param" and navigate to "Miscellaneous" tab
3. In the textbox "Ignore Envelope Parameters", enter value "ActionCode" and save the configuration
4. Delete the existing agreement and recreate it (mandatory)
5. Now deploy the agreement and test again.


Thank you very much Harry. It worked, you have saved our day again!


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