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I have a doubt, Please clarify my doubt.
what is the use or importance of alert section in dashboard in obiee11g?
please clarify this.


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Alert Section is used to add a section in which you display Alerts from Agents, if any. ( Agents dynamically detect information-based problems and opportunities, determine the appropriate individuals to notify, and deliver information to them through a wide range of devices such as e-mail, phones, dashboard alerts, and so on.) An Alert section is added by default to the first page of My Dashboard if you do not manually include one. You cannot disable the appearance of an Alert section on the first page of My Dashboard. You can add an Alert section to an additional dashboard page so that section will then appear on both dashboard pages.

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What is a Display folder in physical layer and what is the exact use of it?
Please give the appropriate explonation.

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HI Tricia
Physical Display Folder
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