Hi all,



We have two servers DEV and PROD.

When I log in oracle @DEV and run 


I am able to get the prompt


and can input commands...

But in our PROD server, if I login oracle and run


I am not getting a prompt and will just hang.

But if I run the script 

rman.sh rman target /  @/opt/oracle/RMAN/backup.cmd log=/opt/oracle/RMAN/backup.log 

It will run.

How do I debug this issue?

Thanks a lot,

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It looks strange, no reply prompt. Maybe time to open a SR.

Other way from SO trace commands like TRUSS and DTRACE.

Please upload the result of the following commands ran on PROD

echo $PATH echo $ORACLE_HOME which rman 

You are probably invoking the wrong rman program. Some Linux distributions also have a program called rman.

RMAN should give the prompt back to you. There is no reason for the 2nd set of commands to work and 1st not to. How about you ensure that all the environment settings are fine and show us a cut/paste to show us that its really happening the way you said.


You can try follows:

$ $ORACLE_HOME/bin/rman  


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