Any one please help me I am new to Rac environment

How to check when node is evicted due to private interconnect .

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I'll assume you're o 11gR" as you didn't let us know what version you're on.

Check your logfiles in $GRID_HOME/log/<hostname>.

Check the alert log as well as the daemon log files for more information.

I am using 10g Clusterware

can we check using crsctl_stat -t


No you can't. crs_stat -t -v will just show you the status of the resources. It will not tell you when your node was evicted.

To find out when the node was evicted you will need to check the logfiles in $CRS_HOME/log and the dameon logs files in $CRS_HOME/crs/log, css/log etc, which may contain some additional info. Also check the alert log of the database for any error messages and any trace files generated for the time of the eviction.

Thank you, for sharing your valuable information.

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