the situation is this ....

I do the system DBA work for an oracle 10gR2 database. I have a customer that designed the database and OKs read access to the database. That customer has clients who read the database.

Is it possible to determine which queries a particular user is issuing over a particular time span? These are read-only transactions. No writes at all.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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Please use the following dynamic views to determine what the users are doing and when,


this is what auditing is for:

alter system set audit_trail=db_extended scope=spfile;
audit all statements by whomever;
startup force;

then query the audit trail. That's 11.2, can't remember how it works on your old 10g database.
Those V$ views MOH_DBA mentions won't tell you anything useful, because they are populated from the SGA and have no historical information.

as i understand he wants to know what connecting users are doing. it did not come to my mind that he wants historical data.

v$ views tell u alot of things, it have the sql populated from sga and it tell u a lot of info.


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