How to integrate BPM 11g with external UI


In BPM 10g, it was easy to integrate BPM processes with external user interface and send and receive date. Now, we are moving to BPM 11g, is there a way to integrate BPM 11g with our existing user interface framework like how it was in 10g ? 


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Which technology did you use for UI layer in 10g ?
In 11g we can easily integrate with Oracle ADF 11g(primarily using Human Taskflows) and complete support for the same is provided.

See -

Let's know if you have more questions.

HI ,

you can integrate BPM 11gt with external UI in many ways...

1) You can use BPM based Java API and can all athe operations using methods. And also you can expose the BPM process as WSDL and can use it.

2) For example you are implementing Your UI using Java, .net or ADF then Run the application for eg., login.jsp file when you run the application in your local you will get uri then in EM console --> LOgin --> Under SOA infra--> Default-->YourBPM project--> Under Component Metrics you have many Human Task --> Click the Human task that u want to integrate the UI --> Then Click Administartion Tab--> Click Add URI--> Fill a) Application Name , b) Hostname , c) HHTP Port d) URI

Click Ok and Apply.. you can see the changes Now run the BPM blow and see the magic of integartoion of UI with BPM11g.
Hope this might help you.

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using JSP as the front end but we have Spring and Hibernate used as well. I want to be able send data to JSP (similar to prepare method in 10g) and get data from JSP (similar to commit method in 10g), How that is possible in BPM 11g ?


Hi Alex ,

Thank you for your lengthy reply, that was really useful. I want to send and receive data from UI. In 10g, we used to get a "response" from UI screens where we extract the values from before using it in the BPM flow. How can a similar scenario happens in 11g ? (away from exposing the process as web service)


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