Forms modified in 11g Forms - Can they be compiled on 10g App Server?

We are about to upgrade the Application Server and Forms and Reports to 11g, however, I need to upgrade my PC to Windows 7 now. Can I load just Forms and Reports 11g on my PC and continue to work on our 10g forms, save them, and compile them under 10g for our 10g Application Server?

In other words, can I modify or develop 11g forms and compile them in 10g?

Thanx so much

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You can only go forward, not back. So you can take a form module (fmb, mmb, pll) from and old version and compile and run it in a new version. However, you cannot take a new module and expect to use it in an old version.

So a form or report module that is saved in 11g cannot compile in 10g?

That hurts. I really do not want to load both 10g and 11g on my PC.

I would expect similar behavior of most other languages. Forms version 11 has new features which the version 10 compiler doesn't understand. The same would be true if you took a version 10 form and tried compiling it with a version 6 compiler.

As for trying to have both versions on the same machine, although it can be done I would not recommend it. I would recommend installing one of the versions either on another machine or in a virtual environment. Another option would be to install the Builders in the deployment environment. This is very easy with version 11.

We do not have control over our Application Servers. What do you mean by Development Environment? We do have Production, Test, and Development databases and Application Environments. Databases are 11g, but the Application Enviroments are still 10g and we are still running 10g on our PCs to do development. We then copy the forms/reports to a server and they are picked up from there and compiled under 10g.

Hopefully, the Application Servers will be going to 11g in July, but in the mean time, I still need to develop in 10g, but I need to test in 11g. A virtual environment is a possibility.

What do you recommend? I really want to get this correct the first time around.

Getting confused....

You said, " What do you mean by Development Environment? ". I didn't mention development environment.

You also said, " In other words, can I modify or develop 11g forms and compile them in 10g? ". This you cannot do. You can install version 10 and modify your modules in that version. You will not be able to install Forms/Reports 10 on Win7-64bit. Those modules can be compiled with either version 10 or 11. However, it is important to note that if you compile a module with v10, it will only run in v10. If you compile in v11, it will only run in v11. So the trick is to ensure that you keep copies of your source files (fmb, mmb, pll). I would recommend considering "Windows XP Mode" (see URL below). Version 10 should be easy to install on XP. WindowsXP Mode used to be free and likely it still is if you are using any Win7 version except Home Edition. Check the Microsoft website for details.

So, make your changes with the v10 Builder then copy the changed fmb, mmb, or pll to the version 11 environment. Now using the v11 compiler (frmcmp) generate your X files and run in v11. For cases where you need to run in v10, generate your X files with a v10 compiler. ALL deployment environment that include Forms, will include the appropriate compiler for that version, so you don't need to do a special installation of the Builders if you only need the compilers.

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