Oracle/DB2 Comparing Productivity: a complexity study by Triton consulting

Triton Consulting conducted an objective assessment of the complexity of several routine DBA activities, comparing Oracle Database 11gR2 and DB2 9.7. This study examines the following common DBA activities, and assesses the complexity of each within an Oracle Database and DB2 for LUW environment:
1 - Installation

2 - Enabling table compression

3 - Enabling index compression

4 - Backup and recovery

5 - Automatic memory tuning

6 - Data access control

Each of these activities has been broken down into a number of more detailed steps, which are subjected to complexity analysis using the methodology described in the video.
This presentation presents the high-level results and conclusions from the complexity analysis. For further details, including a detailed breakdown of the individual task complexity scores for each activity, please refer to the full Triton Consulting report entitled “Comparing DBA Productivity: An Oracle/DB2 Task Complexity Analysis” at :

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