Creating Scalable Multi-Tenant Architectures for the Cloud

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Often overlooked by application architects, multitenancy is the core technology of a cloud that controls how it shares computing resources among applications. In the first part of this session, you will learn about two basic approaches for multitenancy, virtual and organic multitenancy, along with the benefits and disadvantages of each approach. Then you will discover why the database that supports a cloud app is a critical consideration, and learn about emerging cloud database options that promise to simplify the development and management of apps executing in the cloud. Throughout, we'll draw conclusions about which types of solutions best fit particular application scenarios. In the second portion of this session, we’ll take a deep look at the multitenant, metadata-driven software architecture of that’s designed specifically to deliver data persistence in a cloud. You’ll learn about the underlying mechanisms of that enable safe, reliable, and scalable multitenancy for thousands of organizations, including its metadata schema, bulk processing engine, query optimizer, full-text search engine, and procedural language (Apex).

About the Speaker:

Steve Bobrowski (@sbob909) is a Senior Developer Evangelist with Previously, Steve worked as Director of SaaS Technology with BEA, SaaS CTO/architect with CSC, led a large database operations team at the EPA’s National Computer Center, and worked for Oracle in many roles within the core Server Technologies group. He is an award-winning author of six books about database technology, writes for many publications, and speaks regularly at conferences and meet ups.

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