Dear All,

we are planning to implement Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall on 2 node 11g RAC/solaris10, please advise me to ahead in details


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There are a lot of documents available on the home page of both,


Please note, Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall is delivered as a "soft appliance". It is installed on bare metal hardware. Once you install it, it "takes over" your hardware, installs its own copy of hardened Oracle Enterprise Linux, and Oracle Database

As such, you will not be able to deploy it on an existing RAC cluster, the way you say you want to. Please review the Installation Guide completely before proceeding with the installation.

Hi Tom,

i made a seperate server to install audit vault, (Oracle linux 64bit), i downloaded the software, wrore on 3 dvd's in seperate (audit,database firewall & utilities).

i need to install the agent on 2 Node RAC, please guide me installation and config part, these Documents are not clear to me or i could not understand properly

expecting earlier reply



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