Urgent:db link from oracle 10g to sql server 2000

I have a db link 10g from oracle to sql server 2000. This was created a couple of years ago. This is working.

I have now created another db link from same oracle server to the same sql server but it is not working.

But I am getting ORA-28500 and IM002 error
.Please advise.

I am unable to understand what is wrong because I have followed the hs odbc set up on this db link in the same way as I had done 2 yrs ago.


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NOTHING in these forums is URGENT.

If you have an emergency contact Oracle support or hire a consultant.

[oracle@localhost ~]$ oerr  ora 28500

28500, 00000, "connection from ORACLE to a non-Oracle system returned this message:"

// *Cause:    The cause is explained in the forwarded message.

// *Action:   See the non-Oracle system's documentation of the forwarded

//            message.



Oracle is the victim; not the culprit

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