sys login ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

Hi All,
I have a new db created on linux, I am able to login with sys as sysdba on the db server but unable to login through client. it give me
" ORA-01031: insufficient privileges "
can you help me..

Thanks in advance..

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In windows, i solved it like this.

1. Open cmd.
2. Type sqlplus "/as sysdba"
3. created my own user and made him dba.

create user shashi identified by oracle;
grant connect,resource,dba to shashi.

4. Now i am able to login to oracle with shashi/oracle.

Try this in Linux> terminal.

For more info,

thanks for the reply,

but i am able to login as sysdba on the same terminal but unable to connect remotely as sysdba. I guess this is related to some OS permission issues..

hey all,
you need to have password file and ownership of password file then u can access as "sys as sysdba"

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