I am recovering my Oracle database and get this error plz guide me..

RMAN-06067 RECOVER DATABASE required with a backup or create control file...

this option is also not working ALTER DATABASE CREATE CONTROLFILE.

Plz suggest some solution.

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your posting is not consistent with the error message you gave:

The error message suggestst, that you created the controlfile, did a RESTORE of the database files and then try to open the DB.

Before opening you have to recover the DB.

So the steps are:

1.) start the db nomount
2.) restore the controlfiles
3.) mount the db
4.) restore the database
5.) recover the database;
6.) alter database open (maybe with the resetlog option);

Thank you for your help..

O.K. But if you oppose, you should also post the proper way !

(To give a reason for your opposition would help me to learn what I did wrong all the years)

I think you are getting in wrong way
A method you provide Is correct & it worked..
So thank you once again.

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