To be a successful Oracle support professional, it’s desirable to have a basic graduation qualification or preferably an Oracle certified professional degree with a good level of hands-on experience with Oracle technologies. To help the companies utilize the potential of Oracle’s technologies, there are many experienced and reliable consultancies established which

provides the necessary skills and services for their clients.

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Professional Responsibilities:

  • Report development using Oracle Report Builder, Oracle Discoverer and MS Access
  • Create SQL Scripts for troubleshooting and reporting
  • Provide day-to-day support for all Oracle modules, existing Oracle Customizations, Windows Network issues and  Java & Browser problems
  • Acts as Systems Administrator for Oracle Discoverer and Data Load & Reporting tools
  • Work with Oracle Support by logging SR’s to resolve problems.
  • Coordinate with external services provider for Database & OS support and hardware maintenance
  • Ensure maintenance of daily backups
  • Assist end users with various computer problems
  • Maintain 75+ (55+ inhouse/ 20+ infield) computers including setting up of replacement computers
  • Assist with research on new technical improvements

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