With multiple technologies that work hand-in-hand to create value out of high-velocity, high-volume data, Oracle’s fast data solutions are designed to optimize efficiency and scale for processing high-volume events and transactions.

  • Filter and Correlate. With Oracle Event Processing, you can use predefined rules to filter and correlate data through big data sources. When integrated with Oracle Coherence, it can run in-memory to optimize performance and scale.
  • Move and Transform. With Oracle Data Integrator Enterprise Edition and Oracle GoldenGate, you can capture data (structured or unstructured) and immediately move information where it is needed—and in the right format—to best support decision making.
  • Analyze. Oracle Business Analytics enables you to perform real-time analysis and expand what’s possible for your business.
  • Act. Oracle Real-Time Decisions, together with Oracle BPM, helps support both automated decision making as well as more complex, human-based interactions for intelligent business process management.

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While the term Fast data might be new; it’s a set of mature ideas and technologies around the rapid processing of events and high volumes of data for improved analytical insights. It’s recently been impacted by the explosion in volume and variety of data [big data]; the ubiquitous nature of devices and internet of things, and ultimately the heightened expectations of customers. No longer do we see fast data in only financial stock exchanges or limited to Hadoop based deployments; but it’s becoming more and more pervasive across industries as companies are recognizing the need to run their businesses in real-time.

o understand fast data, one must first look at one of the most compelling new the breakthroughs in data management: big data. Big data solutions address the challenge today’s businesses are facing when it comes to managing the increasing volume, velocity, variety of all data - not just data within as well as about the organization. Much of the buzz and to-do around big data has been around Hadoop, NoSQL technologies, but little has been talked about velocity. Velocity is about the speed this data is generating. In many cases the economic value of this data diminishes fast as well. As a result, companies need to process large volumes of data in real-time and make decisions in a more rapid fashion to create value from highly-perishable, high-volumes of data in business operations.

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