HI expert ,

oracle 10.2.1 under windows 7 , today my friend format the server , but he have backup cold backup 
actually he take backup for all c:
drive and i found that there is a oradata dir in this backup , so now i install new operating system win 7 
and then i will create a database with the same name and then should i do a NID and restore the backup (cold)

can you please give the step how to do that ? i mean if i have database 10g under windows and this o.s is formatted 
and we have backup of all c:
drive which contain all oradata dir ? how can i restore this database

the database size is 3GB and contain the same default tablespace 

please advise

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^ When you say cold backup, do you mean the database was shut down and the entire device was copied? Was that after a crash? Do you have the registry backed up???

actually i don't know it he shutdown the database or not but i remember in windows you can't take the backup of oradata
when you don't have shutdown the database (this file is used by another program) ? 
no he have backup before crash
how do i register it ?

Open a new thread, copy and paste what you did and how oracle responded. :)

If the database was up and running when you took the backup of C, I'm sorry but it will be useless, you won't be able to restore with it.

HI guys , thanks all for your support , i think for windows it's impossible to take backup of oradata file when the database is up and running 
?now i install oracle 10g on windows and i get error tns adapter error and i know this error related to servce orcl1 is down and i found it 
down and when i started it get failed error 1067 proccess terminate unexpectedly
please advise


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