I am running oracle DB 11.2 and am new to Golden Gate. I am trying to replicate the changes from my base database to a new ODS database on a different server. My base DB has a high rate of DML and I am seeing some performance issues. When GG scans the online REDO, it appears to be looking at committed and non-committed transactions. Is there a way to restrict GG to only scan committed transactions?


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Umm, that would be the point of reading the redo logs, to see what has been committed or not.

Right, but I thought there were other options with Golden Gate that used LCRs instead. I think its Integrated Capture. I'm looking for something that will work best on a system that does lots of DML transactions.


Sorry, in that case, with integrated capture, the redo logs are still read, and that's done via log mining/create LCR/write to trail. IC supports more data types than does classic capture.

Nothing about it being faster though.


Thanks. I was looking at the same links as you. One states "When using Integrated Capture, customers can choose to locate the Capture mechanism at either the source database or an alternate location that is of the same platform type as the source. Performing the capture downstream is useful when it is necessary to minimize overhead at the source database." So I'm thinking the Integrated Capture with the downstream option may help relieve some of the stress on my source DB. What do you think? 

Marvin :

So I'm thinking the Integrated Capture with the downstream option may help relieve some of..............

Yes, that is correct (write downstream capture relieving stress on the source DB).

Regarding integrated extract in general (ie, back on the source DB): It may or may not give you better performance / lower overhead on your source DB, but it is a different capture implementation than traditional extract that takes advantage of some oracle DB internals that allow for new features, not only in terms of functionality but also performance/throughput that wouldn't be possible with the traditional log reader approach.

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