What is flashback query in oracle 11G
what is the use of it

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Flash back is new feature in ORACLE 10g,
Use: when ever if objects are Droped unexpectedly or by mistake(accidentally) then we can recover through SCN number or time of period we can recover.

Ex:-Flash back table <table_name> before drop;

If table was deleted you get back by issuing above cmd you can get back from recycle bin.

Recyle bin information you will get in..
show recylebin



Kara, you are describing flashback drop (which is based on renaming objects), not flashback query. Flashback query, introduced in 9i, uses undo segments and works like this:
orcl> conn scott/tiger
orcl> select count(*) from emp;


orcl> delete from emp;

14 rows deleted.

orcl> commit;

Commit complete.

orcl> --what did the table look like ten minutes ago?
orcl> select count(*) from emp as of timestamp (systimestamp -10/1440);


orcl> --so now I can repair the damage
orcl> insert into emp select * from emp as of timestamp (systimestamp -10/1440);

14 rows created.

orcl> commit;

Commit complete.

Thanks for correcting me

Thanx, Keneth and Kara

Please help me to use flashback feature in oracle11g
how to configure?
and for what purpose we are using?

In 10g..,
Flash back will be enabled in mount stage by issuing cmd as

alter database flashback on;


alter database open;

you can check in

select flashback from v$database;

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