each apex items differentiate based on the value

i have many items in form region,how to differentiate between value entered and not entered items with any color background.
i try to apply the attributes in each items level,but i could not reach. e.g P3_SAL
my workspace : ram_r&d
user/password : aramani/apex
application : 29288:3

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You're placing CSS into attributes that expect classes.
And this would not respond to change.

You may wish to explore libraries that already provide this functionality
LiveValidation - Validation as you type

hai scott, please add any one of the field for this functionality it would be highly appreciate please. becoz iam not aware the JS in apex and how to use the stored Js file to call at specific item.

Now is the time to research and learn. It's an integral part of apex development
10.11 Incorporating JavaScript into an Application

Thank you for your guidelines, all the stuff are documents and can try to R&D! and you are very smart.

use ajax for this
create one method
like below
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
function f_background()
{var clear_val = $x('PX').value;
if (clear_val == '')
{$x('PX_NAME').style.background = '#ffff00'};
{$x('PX_NAME').style.background = '#ffffff'};
and put in page header.
FOR more info refer



as your help, i put your code in Page header, and mentioned the item as P3_SAL. then i called this function in HTML Form Element Attributes. on change="return f_background();"  but not changing the color.please login my workspace.

what i need if value entered the item then background color is null. if no value should be any color.

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