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I have a doubt...

If'm usinfg an implicit cursor , then once i complete it , how i can execute it? is there any command to execute it or it gets automatically executed??

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You can do nothing with an imlicit cursor: Oracle does everything for you. That is what "implicit" means.


I want the syntax for both implicit and explicit cursors with clear explaination. I'm getting in google but i'm not clear with that explaination given with that. please get back to me.



As I already told you, there is no such thing aws syntax for implicit cursors, because they are implicit. What did you find with Google for explicit cursors that you did not understand? And why don't you just read the PL/SQL documentation instead?

When oracle engine opens a cursor for it's internal processing in order to execute an sql statement it is called implicit cursor.
so you need not to open,Fetch or close .

Do you have any idea about PL/SQL?

See the below link you will have an idea about cursor.


If you really want to learn then you need to work hard and you have to do some thing by your self.


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