Create 15000 users ..these users will acess randomly

need support
i need to create 15000 users ..these users will access randomly
i need to reduce load how can i do it
my db will be 11g.

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Shell scripting may help.

what is it please explain it.


Shell scripting is a language or a program used to automate repeated task which is done manually by DBAs on day to day basic.. You just have to prepare a script according to your requirement and run, and then monitor... because you can't keep on creating users one by one 1500 times.. Hope you know about this.

ok these users will randomly update data..

    how can i maintain it?

    can i have an ex: script?

You can take help of unix admin or DBA who is expertise in shell scripting... Or you may get it in Google also.

Obviously randomly... Do yo think all 15000 users will wait in queue to update data.. Just joking.. Yes randomly.. Depending upon their requirement.. Some of them may update daily, some may not update at all

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